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Java (Hoblink) RDP Applet: disabling credential popup?

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Java (Hoblink) RDP Applet: disabling credential popup?



Recently i've upgraded our SA6500 cluster to version 8.0R7.1 and this version includes version 3.3 of JWT Hoblink Java applet for use with terminal services.


This work great and supports way more options then the previous Java solutions i've seen.


The problem is that the user see a popup from HOBLink JWT asking for there credentials. (non-tech) Users are confused by this and don't trust it or are unsure what credentials are being asked for.


With a older version of HOBLink we were able to hide this credential popup and go straight to the windows server credential screen, but that doesn't seem to work with this version anymore.


Does anybody know what java parameters to set to disable HOBLinks credentials popup?


I've found the following document with parameters, but was unable to disable the popup:


This is what we added with the older version:


      <!-- Applet settings --> 

      <param name="AUTOCON" value="YES"> 

      <param name="CONNBAR" value="NO"> 

      <!-- Connection settings --> 

      <param name="CONNTYPE" value="direct"> 

      <param name="COLORDEPTH" value="16"> 





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Re: Java (Hoblink) RDP Applet: disabling credential popup?

I request you to try after removing the value <param name="AUTOLOGON" value="<<AUTOLOGON>>"> from the HTML for the default applet and let us know the feedback.


- Vivek


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Re: Java (Hoblink) RDP Applet: disabling credential popup?

This works indeed.


Thanks Vivek Smiley Wink