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Java install Applet for v 6.1 on SA 6000

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Java install Applet for v 6.1 on SA 6000

Good morning all,

When using certain applications such as  network connect / Wsam / Secure meeting / Host checker, the Juniper box installs java applications into Start/program files/ Juniper networks. I was wondering if you can roll out these as a manual install process so end users wont be asked to install them when logging in for the first time?




Re: Java install Applet for v 6.1 on SA 6000


If you go to the admin console of the IVE there is an "installers" tab under one of the system menus.  This has canned MSI and EXE installers for all the products.  To save yourself some effort install the "Juniper Installer Service" as an admin on your PCs; when ever they connect to the IVE it will automatically install and upgrade the client components (such as network connect) on demand.  Once it's on, it should be set and forget and whenever you upgrade the IVE it will should automatically upgrade the clients the next time they connect.  This is also useful if you change your mind about client options to give your end users.  It's all documented at, you want the client-side changes guide and the main admin guide, both go into a lot of detail.