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Juniper Client

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Juniper Client

I've recently come upon a small problem with a laptop using the juniper vpn client. I'm currently using a laptop, Windows 2008 R2. It is currently setup as a domain controller. When trying to connect to my company VPN site, it requires the juniperClient to install. It forces the download, I choose Run and it "Completes" the install. However, it does not operate correctly.

The "Juniper Network Connect Service" is not listed under services.

The application "Juniper Setup Client" shows under "Windows Program Features" and I can uninstall it, restart and run the install again with no success.

I've tried this several ways, login as Administrator, running the install application manually.

Any information/suggestions out there would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Juniper Client

Network Connect is an application rather than a service.

You should find it under Start > All Programs > Juniper Networks > Network connect 6.x

Connecting a domain controller to Network Connect though is very questionable....


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Re: Juniper Client

Windows Server 2008 is not a supported client OS ( and this may be contributing to the issues you are experiencing.

If you connect from a non-server OS client PC does it work successfully?


Re: Juniper Client

Though I agree with the other two that connecting a DC to a VPN is a bad practice one of the issues might be UAC. Turn it off. I've had other issues with software installations on 2008 that were due to UAC being turned on even logged in as the admin.