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Juniper IVE 6.4 with Xen Broker /Xen Desktop


Juniper IVE 6.4 with Xen Broker /Xen Desktop

We have a citrix Xen solution, whereby users browse to a Xen broker onport 443, log in to the xen solution and get presented with a desktop to work on. I would like to have the same ability through the SSL VPN on SA4000.

I tried with WSAM, i can get to the presentation of the xen desktop but when i click on it, it opens up a new window but just keeps hanging waiting to get to a windows logon screen.

I have opened up ports 443, 1494,2598 on firewall but have no joy in having a complete end to end connection.

Are there any other ways of configuring, i tried Termianl services Profile, on the XML IP , i have put on the ip address of the broker server, and had ports 1494, 2598 allowed via the policy.

Both the solutions didnt work

Any help will be apprecited