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Juniper Installer Service


Juniper Installer Service

I have a quick question..

Right now, our SA is a 7.1R6...gonna be patching to 71r9 in a few weeks.

Our laptops have Juniper Installer Service that came with 7.1r6.

Do we need to deploy an updated version of the Juniper Installer service prior to upgrading the SA?

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Re: Juniper Installer Service

You should not need to update the installer service. As long as the installer service is present on the machine, all updates (including updates to itself) should be able to happen through the SA when clients connect.


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Re: Juniper Installer Service


Please refer to the below link , you need not upgrade the JIS version starting with 7.1 and going to any higher version

ActiveX Self-Upgrade

ActiveX is a common deployment method for various client software on Microsoft platforms, typically when using Internet Explorer (IE). However, since both installing and upgrading ActiveX components require administrative privileges, users with locked-down systems are unable to receive upgraded versions of the ActiveX installer unless the administrator had previously installed the Juniper Installer Service (JIS). Until now, the only reliable way to upgrade this component was for the administrator to push out the new JIS package, which included this control.
Customer Benefits
¥ Customers no longer need to deploy the latest JIS version when upgrading from SA 6.5 or 7.0, to 7.1 or future releases. Likewise, customers no longer need to deploy latest JIS versions while upgrading from 7.1 to future releases either.
¥ End users will only be prompted when a new ActiveX version exists, but the process itself is intuitive and only requires the user to accept the action so that the install may begin.
¥ Administrators no longer have to push the JIS update in order to update the ActiveX installer. Note, however, that the JIS feature is still required on locked down workstations if the user is to run the update themselves.

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Re: Juniper Installer Service

the versions you are using should be successful for the upgrade