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Juniper MAG and ADFS Authentication


Juniper MAG and ADFS Authentication

We are creating a client extranet site. It will be a single URL for all clients to access it.

Can I setup the authentication server to use ADFS for some clients, but active directory for other clients?

We also have a requirement to use a 3rd party authentication radius server on top of the initial authentication server as well so that will be the secondary authentication server. I am just not sure if I can use ADFS or AD authentication as the primary authentication method for access to a single site.

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Re: Juniper MAG and ADFS Authentication

If you want to allow user interaction, yes; if no, then no.
You would need to define 2 realms, one for each authentication type (ADSF or AD). You would then assign both realms to the single sign-in URL and require users to choose which real. To use the external server, access will be needed from the internal port.
Good luck!