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Juniper, Proxy and Citrix Reciever

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Juniper, Proxy and Citrix Reciever

Hi Guys,


Looking for some advice.


We are trying to determine how Juniper works in conjunction with Citrix Receiver and Proxy Settings.


From what I can ascertain, when we launch the citrix web application, before the web app starts - JuniperSetupClient launches and sets up the environment prior to Citrix Receiver running the Web application.


The issue we have is, we can use the web app if we use a proxy server, but if we use our PAC file (which is our preferred method), the web app will not launch and we get the error: Juniper Citrix Services client could not establish connection to secure gateway.


Reading the Citrix config settings, it looks like I can set a manual proxy in some config files but these are being ignored as I believe Juniper is controlling which proxy to use.


I see a dscitrixproxy.exe running but can't ascertain how I can set a manually proxy apart from in Internet Explorer 8.0.


Is there a way to use the PAC file for all other browsing and use a manual proxy just for Juniper?

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Re: Juniper, Proxy and Citrix Reciever

Andy, we've set up Citrix access through the SA in a couple different scenarios. I think this may be helpful.


Scenario One: Corporate PC needs to connect to Xen Desktop resources.

In this scenario, we validate that the user has a corp PC and auto launch Network Connect. We apply a VPN tunneling policy that allows the Citrix traffic to pass through Network Connect. Once the user is logged into the VPN, they simply open their locally installed Citrix client or log into the Citrix Web Interface server and connect to their CItrix resources just as if they were in the office.


Scenario Two: Non corporate PC needs to connect to Xen Desktop resources.

In this scenario we do not allow the PC to use Network Connect or Pulse. Instead we have a Web Application Resource Profile that points users to our internal Citrix Web Interface page. The page appears as a bookmark on the VPN welcome page. The resource profile is configured to use "Non-Java ICA client with Web Interface (NFuse)" and the ICA client access is set for "ICA client connects over CTS client".


In scenario two, we had to create a separate NFuse page for our non-corporate PCs so that it could be configured not to automatically push down the Citrix client to the endpoint. We also had to configure the MIME type settings in IIS on the Citrix server so that the Juniper CTS client would recognize and intercept the CItrix traffic betweent the endpoint and the back end Citrix infrastructure.


Let me know if you have questions  Smiley Happy


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Re: Juniper, Proxy and Citrix Reciever

Hi mtessier,

We have just purchased MAG2600 and I am trying to get a hold of documentation for configuring Citrix Storefront using HTML5 client. Do you know of any official documentation or know the steps I need to take at the storefront and MAG configurations?

I have been able to get the following working:

- Bookmark on the welcome page to Citrix Storefront

- SSO to Storefront

- Use HTML5 client when application launch is requested

The issue i have is at application launch the HTML5 client is displaying the following message: Citrix Receiver cannot connect to the server

I believe I am missing some config on the MAG and at the Storefront.

Appreciate any assistance you can offer

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Re: Juniper, Proxy and Citrix Reciever

Sadly, I'm not going to be able to give you a concrete answer on this one, but I may be able to point you in the right direction.

I believe that some HTML5 connections are based on web sockets. Support for HMTL5 features varies by the backend Pulse OS on your MAG. I don't know if the Pulse OS can fully support storefront with the HTML5 Citrix client yet, nor do I know what version would be requried. I'd suggest opening a JTAC case and discuss it with them to see if they have a recommendation.

You may even want to restate this question as a new post since it's not really related to the original topic. That way more folks in the forum would get to see the question.

Good Luck.