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Juniper Remote Desktop Connection Problem

Adam Griggs_
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Juniper Remote Desktop Connection Problem

Hi, I work for the Cambridgeshire County Council, and when I try to work from home using the remote desktop service, which is run by Juniper, I get a dialog box every couple of minutes that says that the service has disconnected. After about 30 seconds or so the dialog box goes away after which the service continues as normal. After about a minute or 2 the service freezes and the dialog box appears. I have attached a screenshot of the dialog box to this post.

I have tried port forwarding all the ports that Juniper uses on both my wifi hub and mcafee on my computer, although this has not stopped the problem.

Is there anything I could do to stop this from happening?


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Re: Juniper Remote Desktop Connection Problem

Hi Adam,


If you are using a win8 client PC and connecting from a wireless connection, issue should be fixed by upgrading to 7.3r5 or 7.4r3 SA/MAG version.


21. win-term-svcs-enduser -Windows Terminal Services client on a Windows 8 frequently
reconnects over wireless network. (842547)


The update has to be done on the Juniper SA/MAG device providing the terminal services.




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Re: Juniper Remote Desktop Connection Problem

What is the access mechanism to the SA? - Are you launching NC and then launching the RDP session OR do you have a bookmark created on the SA while login and you are clicking on the bookmark?


If you are going through the NC (network connect) client - then the possibilities are there could be a connectivity issue and we would need the wireshark capture on the virtual adapter to get more detail on why this could be happening.