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Juniper SA 700 ssl vpn timout increase

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Juniper SA 700 ssl vpn timout increase

I have a juniper SA 700. I would like to increase thevpn  timeout period for a particular user. I cant find the option to increase the timeout for a user in the GUI of SA 700.

In the Active directory i have a security group where i can select a user and map him according to his access level and the time for which his vpn session will exit. If i want to increase the vpn session just for a bunch of users what are the steps involved.

Can you guys help me find out this setting. Cheers


Re: Juniper SA 700 ssl vpn timout increase

I don't know that you can do it per user unless you have the user in a role by itself.

But you can configure the role session lifetime in the Roles/<ROLE>/General/Session Options area


MAG2600 cluster (Active/Passive)
8.0R4.1 (build 31475)