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Juniper SA2500 - Crystal reports 2008

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Juniper SA2500 - Crystal reports 2008


I have a Juniper SA2500 and I have a bookmark that goes into a Lawson Portal page for employees to check paystubs. This works perfectly, but I have some power users that view generated Crystal reports. When they try to view these reports it renders the first page, but gives me a java error when trying to access other pages of the crystal report.

Has anyone had any experience with this?

I appreciate any advice/comments.



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Re: Juniper SA2500 - Crystal reports 2008

can you take the link of the page thats giving the errors and paste it in a new window and see if it opens correctly, if it does then its the rewriting thats causing the issue, set Lawson to No Rewriting (use WSAM), my company also use the Lawson portal and i was having java issues as well, i had to use the fqdn with no rewriting for it to function correctly. so should look something like Port/lawson/portal

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Re: Juniper SA2500 - Crystal reports 2008

Crystal Reports generally needs a tunnel-type method (as mentioned by @SonicBoom) due to a direct connection needed by the ActiveX/Java control on the PC. It does not allow for the IVE to intermediate the traffic. You will probably need to have WSAM or JSAM (or Network Connect; but if you are only giving access for Crystal Reports, you might not want to configure full VPN access but use the pseudo-VPN that is a SAM [secure application manager] to tunnel only specific traffic) configured for this to work smoothly.