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Juniper SSL VPN - SA2000 - AD Windows 2008 Support?

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Juniper SSL VPN - SA2000 - AD Windows 2008 Support?

Hi there,

I have just recently upgraded our Active Directory to Windows Server 2008, and I have an SA2000 which we use for both Remote Access and Secure Meetings for remote support.

Since updating AD, the SA2000 can no longer find the Global Catalog, and running a Policy Trace against a user attempting login returns the message GetUserGroups: Fails to connect to GC!

When I run a test connection from the Auth. Server page, it connects with no errors.

I am running 6.0R1, but noticed the release notes for 6.2R1 that Authentication to AD in Windows 2008 environment is not supported.

So what i am actually asking is, does anyone know the roadmap for Server 2008? and if this will include the SA2000 in its update?

Many thanks


Message Edited by JonLangford on 06-24-2008 12:49 PM