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Juniper pulse issue windows 7

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Juniper pulse issue windows 7

Hi Geeks ,

I have a issue can someone help please

I have a big problem here .Could someone give me an idea .

We have windows 7 .we setup a juniper pulse application to be able to connect vpn to state .

I setup juniper pulse on windows 7 and was created a virtual NIC then I share(ics) that NIC. The idea is that I need other 4 computer to be able to connect remote resources vpn.

So every computer I created a permanent route table as gateway to windows 7 (where juniper pulse is installed)local nic.

for ex :

Windows 7 ip is


dns .local server

and this computer installed juniper pulse which is shared(ics).

ON every client computer I added perm route table address

route -p add mask

when client open webpage to be able to access website ( is website adress).

When client enter address webpage not opening at all .

but when I have windows XP installed and installed juniper pulse and share it is working fine.Could someone give me an idea.


Re: Juniper pulse issue windows 7

That is not a supported scenario; I am not sure why XP behaves differently from Win7, but that is not something we would expect to work