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Juniper sells SSL-VPN - what a sad day

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Re: How Pulse Secure can fix SA: was Re: Juniper sells SSL-VPN - what a sad day

Hi Moderators, et all.

I do not think the sell of Pulse from Juniper is a bad or good. I think the worst is the lack of information about the future.
This week I finished the evaluation other solutions because our HW is out of life. In the end, SA still be the best product for our needs, but unfortunately we probably will choose another solution because the lack of information about the future of the product.

If we uses heavily  the smartphones, the acquisition of the other company which leads to Pulse Workspace it is a great news, but
95% of my users are desktops... 2/3 of my user base is just using the browser and in this part there are no news...

Besides the points raised by DanSmart, I add:

Pulse Secure will start use html5 to deliver RDP/SSH?
It will evolve the firewall part or will be frozen in time?
NPAPI-based plug-ins are outdated (, in which Java depends... what will happen to host checker and friends?
It will exist a 64bit linux client?

Or It is just the smarphone hype it matters?


Where is the "What's new" for 8.1?



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Re: How Pulse Secure can fix SA: was Re: Juniper sells SSL-VPN - what a sad day

Thank you for your comments, flip_pipe; I am sorry to hear that it looks like you may not be able to use the solution that will fit best for your needs.

If you PM me your contact information, I can forward it to the team who may be able to assist with some of your concerns on future planning.

For the specifics you asked, I do not know as I am not on the product team; however, I can confirm that investigation is being done on non-Java delivery options. I do not, however, know the time frame for a resolution to this requirement and handling NPAPI-based plugins across browsers as not all are eliminating them.


No, not just the smartphone/mobility platform is what matters.


As far as an 8.1 "what's new" there is not one as 8.1 does not exist yet. You may be able to discuss with your account team about features that are planned/targeted for that release once it becomes available.