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JuniperSetupClientInstaller.exe Groundhog Day

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Re: JuniperSetupClientInstaller.exe Groundhog Day

I am having the same issue but on OSX. Anyone have experience getting past this.I also tried to launch straight from the Pulse and I get an immediate error "Authentication rejected by server Error: 1308"  but I dont see anything in the SSLVPN device logs. Any help will be appreciated.

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Juniper Setup ClientInstaller.exe Groundhog Day

I have found several small fixes that on different PC's work. There is ONLY one fix that solves the problem fully but involes more time and effort.


Simple fix One

Check the version of JAVA currently installed. If version 6 then try this. Open internet explorer 9> TOOLS then INTERNET OPTIONS, select the ADVANCED tab and scroll down to Security section and tick "Allow software to run or install even if the signature is invalid" Click OK and restart IE and try VPN.


Simple fix Two

If above fails to solve the problem, try this. Logon to the PC as local administrator, connect to the internet and download and install the lastest version of JAVA 7.51 restart the PC open control panel and open JAVA check it's 7.51. then click on the security tab. Click the "Edit Site List" and add in your VPN url eg then move the security level slide to medium and click OK, restart the PC and test VPN.


Big Stick Fix

If all else fails, try this. Logon to the PC as local administrator. Locate the users profile that is having the problem and copy it some where safe C:\Support as an example. Once you have a safe copy of the users Profile, Click the Computer icon, right click and select properties, then Advanced system settings. Under the User Profiles click the settings button, locate the user, highlight and delete profile. Reboot the PC, log back on as the user this will recreate the profile. The VPN should now work correctly. You can copy back Favourites, documents, picture etc, etc from the saved profile in this case from the C:\Support folder.


I hope this helps...


Re: Juniper Setup ClientInstaller.exe Groundhog Day

In addition to Chronicles fixes...


I'd also add in a 2.1 fix of deleting the Java temporary files (Control Panel, Java (32-bit), General Tab, under Temporary Internet Files - Settings, Delete Files)


We also uncheck the "Keep temporary files on my computer" box.


I've had this fix two workstations so far.



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Juniper Setup ClientInstaller.exe Groundhog Day

Found the answer... Check the Juniper installer date 7.1 expires 31st March 2014. Update your juniper installer with the new version and your problems will be behind you....


How to Check Date

Right click on your current installer package and then select properties. Select "Digital Signature" and highlight the "Juniper Networks" in the Signature list box. Click DETAILS and then "View Certificate" make sure then date is valid...


You can get version 8 of the installer here (Thanks to CODEGUY03Ó)

Windows 7 32-bit:

Windows 7 64-bit and all Windows 8:

Mac OSX:



Don't forget to update your actual Juniper with the latest installer so when your users connect remotely, the new installer will be updated and installed...


Good luck...

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Re: JuniperSetupClientInstaller.exe Groundhog Day



Article is in review and not yet ready for viewing

That KB returns  Article is in review .....