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Junos Pulse / SA6000 / Siteminder SSO Login Authentication

Tim Hughes_
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Junos Pulse / SA6000 / Siteminder SSO Login Authentication

I appologize in advance for the stupid question, I am an application guy trying to figure this stuff out.




1.  My organization has Junos Pulse installed on IOS devices (Iphone/Ipads) which communicates with an SA6000 (7.1 Firmware) appliance to VPN IOS clients into our network.   The authentication is perfomed against Windows Active Directory, and once in, IOS clients can see network resources they have access to.


2.  My organization has Siteminder (V6 SP5) configured to protect certain internal websites.   The authentication is again against AD (I think), and issues SM Session cookies once authenticated.


3.  I have an application which sends emails with URL links to internal webservers.  When a user clicks this link, they are required to login twice (once with Junos to see the network, and once again with SSO to get an SM cookie to see the site).




Is there a way to configure Junos Pulse / SA6000 appliance to automatically get an SM session cookie upon authentication into the VPN?


If so, any technical documentation, or jargon, I pass onto my VPN/SSO guys?





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Re: Junos Pulse / SA6000 / Siteminder SSO Login Authentication

If users are connecting in through the Pulse VPN and staying inside that application, it may be possible by using the Siteminder authentication server instance.
If you are connecting through Safari for the backend application, or even a custom app, no, this will not be possible.