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Junos Pulse and proxy server configuration

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Re: Junos Pulse and proxy server configuration



Thanks for the reply - it turns out it is getting further than I thought.


We are using IE9. The PAC file is being processed correctly I think as we have tried adding some new exceptions to the GPO and they do appear in the PAC file and the sites are accessible. 


Here is our issue:


- When pulse not connected, client can access all intranet sites directly and all internet sites via proxy. 

- When pulse client connected, intranet sites accessible (Proxy bypass) internet sites accessible but appear to be VERY slow, upwards of 20 seconds to open web page compared with 1-2 seconds with no VPN. 


So, it appears that the proxy settings I have put into the connection (Preserve client-side proxy settings) are working, but the performance impact is huge. 


It seems like it could be a DNS issue, so I'm going to dig deeper into that. 





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Re: Junos Pulse and proxy server configuration

Information from Admin Guide:


By Choosing "Preserver Client side proxy setting", the temp PROXY PAC file overwrite issue will be resolved.


Preserve client-side proxy settings ÑBy default, Network Connect may change proxy settings when needed. For example, Network Connect may temporarily change the proxy settings of the browser so that traffic intended for the Network Connect session uses the temporary proxy settings. Select the Preserve client-side proxy settings option to prevent the client-side proxy settings from being overridden by Network Connect.




Below Reg key will be changed to temporary PAC file created by Junos Pulse/NC Example change: "file://\\XXXXXXXXXXX\UserData\Username\RF\AppData\Roaming\Juniper Networks\instantproxy.pac" in the regkey AutoConfigURL



HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\AutoConfigURL


KB Link: