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Junos Pulse for Smart Phones connecting to Juniper SA


Junos Pulse for Smart Phones connecting to Juniper SA

HI All,

I have some questions regarding to Junos Pulse and Juniper SA:

1. I have checked Junos pulse features matrix for Iphone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian (picture is attched), in VPN feature is it not supported for blackberry and android?

2. I have already try junos pulse for iphone to connecting to Juniper SA and it's works, but when i want to tried from blackberry junos pulse for connecting to SA, it ask to registration with insert license key. why in iphone junos pulse does not need license key but in blackberry junos pulse license key required to activate the junos pulse ?

3. In junos pulse for iphone is diffrent with junos pulse for blackberry. in junos pulse iphone we only can set connection to SA and simple , but in junos pulse blackberry is different, only there are junos mobile security feature like : AV, Firewall, etc and need license key to activate those features. I confused how to configure url connection from junos pulse blackberry to Juniper SA because there is no url optiion to configure to connecting to SA.

4. If junos pulse for blackberry need license key to activate, how can i get the trial license key?

I hope anyone can help to explaining this to me.

Thanks in advanced

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Re: Junos Pulse for Smart Phones connecting to Juniper SA

There is quite a bit of confusion around our mobile clients. I will try to clear it up:

Junos Pulse Is a platform comprising several different services.

Application acceleration
Secure access
Access control
Mobile security

The iphone is the only platform which so far supports the l2vpn services. What you have for the Blackberry is the mobile security suite (no VPN). The Android product (secure access) can connect to the SA devices but only as a web client (there are OS restrictions in Android still).

Those Who Name Products have (ahem..) expressed surprise that this is generating confusion, but i and others have them working on clarifying our product literature and documentation on supported platforms. Making it more fun is that this will be a very dynamic landscape as both the OS vendors and ourselves expand both the range of coverage and features on the platforms.




Re: Junos Pulse for Smart Phones connecting to Juniper SA


for your information:

I've already tried Junos Pulse for Iphone and Android to connecting SSL VPN to Juniper SA and it's works.

why junos pulse is different function for each mobile platform?

according what you said that Blackbery is not support VPN to Juniper SA, it does support for mobile security suit only.

for that i have question: like i read from the literature that junos pulse mobile secuirty have some features: Antivirus, personal firewall, Antispam, Loss and prevention, monitoring & control and GPS locate. My question is: how to manage the mobile phone that using junos pulse mobile security suite for those features above, like how we can manage loss and prevention, monitoring usage, GPS for mobile phone which using junos pulse mobile security suite?. wheter we have to need another device to manage junos pulse mobile security in mobile phone?.