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Junos Pulse (iOS) "Host Checker Required"

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Junos Pulse (iOS) "Host Checker Required"


My place of employment has a Juniper SSL VPN. I've tried to enter the login url into the Junos Pulse app, but when I try to connect, I get a "Host Checker Required" error from the site.

Is there a way to disable this for iOS devices, or is it just a realm-wide setting that is either on or off? For obvious reasons, the stakeholders wont want to shut the Host Checker off.

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Re: Junos Pulse (iOS) "Host Checker Required"

You could create a separate realm for Mobile devices that have Host Checker enabled along with a UserAgent check (eg. *iPhone*, *iPad*) to prevent it being used on non-mobile devices. Not bullet-proof but might get you over the line...

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Re: Junos Pulse (iOS) "Host Checker Required"

As elawford stated, this is all or nothing on the realm.

You would need to have a different sign-in realm (and role if it is enabled on the role) & URL to allow them to sign-in without those restrictions. You can put restrictions in place to prevent non-iOS agents on the mobile realm (Users>Realms>realmName>Authentication Policy>Browser).