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Junos Pulse (not NC) auto launch on MAG?

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Junos Pulse (not NC) auto launch on MAG?

OK.  I'm a newbie to the Junos Pulse thing and I'm kinda confused.  My goal is to get SSL VPN to work (and to understand what my other options are).


So I understand that Junos Pulse is basically a "super client" that combines multiple clients (SSL VPN, NAC, etc.) together.


So I got a demo MAG2600 and put 7.3R2 (build 22751) on it.  I watched a few training videos and started fiddling around with it.  So I can get Network Connect to automatically launch and VPN in just fine.  But then inside the MAG, I see there's a Junos Pulse client that I can manually install (If I login as admin, I see it under Mainenance, System, Installers).  So I manually install that.  And that also works.  But I can't figure out wouldn't I want to auto launch Junos Pulse instead of Network Connect?  If so, how do I do that?


I downloaded the 1200 page "Junos Pulse Secure Access Service version 7.3" admin guide.  But it's not quite clear (or I'm not looking in the right place).

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Re: Junos Pulse (not NC) auto launch on MAG?

Go to your Role, General Tab, Overview. Under options, check the "Junos Pulse" box.

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Re: Junos Pulse (not NC) auto launch on MAG?

As filbert said, if you check the option for using Junos Pulse on the role, that will launch instead of Network Connect when you login through the web.

You can also control the allowing of Pulse to launch at login to the PC and it will connect when users complete the login sequence, preventing the requirement to use the web.