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Junos Pulse

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Junos Pulse


I have configured Junos pulse to connect to SA 2500 from IPHONE

when i click connect on Junos Pulse it can see VPN icon on the iphone screen top and after that its trying to load something and comes request timed out in 5 minutes

in my iphone Realm no other web sites or anything configured only network connect , no auto load either,

even though its timed out i can connect to my corporate application with out an issue its has the VPN running.

Juncos pulse get authenticated from the website with Windows AD.

any idea why message comes timed out and how to resolve that.

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Re: Junos Pulse

Hi Sandy,


It sounds like you are running into an issue that will be resolved in the next version of the iOS Pulse client. We expect this version to be submitted to the Apple iTunes store very soon. 


As a temporary work around you can try the following:


On your internal DNS server (the DNS server you are assigning to the Pulse clients) please create a DNS entry for the external FQDN of the IVE, and point it to the IP address of your external port (or the port the users are connecting to).