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Junos pulse with Windows 7 and Outlook 2007

New Contributor

Junos pulse with Windows 7 and Outlook 2007

Hi Guys !

I have met a strange situation with Junos pulse and with 7.0 IVE OS. We are using Junos pulse for a while for the company VPN access. One of my colleague uses Windows 7 with Outlook 2007 for mailing and we have a hosted mail solution, so the email servers are not inside the company they are hosted by providers.

I have enforced the Junos Pulse client installation instead of NC to see how it is working. My colleague PC is showing the following scenario :

PC boots up, as Junos pulse put itself to autostart it starts with the OS as well but we do not connect to the company network via VPN and it is the same scenario if he is inside the company. Starts Outlook for the emails. Emails are downloading fine from the POP3 server.He uses several mailboxes inside the Outlook not just one.

But when he wants to send email, it just get into the Unsent messages and waits there. AS long as Junos pulse is running the Outlook client cannot send emails to any mail account but it can receive !

We have done a mailbox testing and for strangely enough it is succesful !

Somehow the Junos pulse is blocking the Outlook mail sending as long as it is running but not making a VPN connection ! We get an error in Outlook that the mail server is unreachable.

As soon as we close the Junos pulse client the email as moved to the Sent items folder and they are sent also.

Has anyone meet a situation like this ? Or experienced anything similar ?

The issue cannot be reproduced if the client is NC, only with the new Pulse.

Thanks !