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KB44781 - Contradict Information about PCS?

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KB44781 - Contradict Information about PCS?

In the KB it says:

1. Please DO NOT use the Pulse Desktop Client that is shipped with these PCS Builds.

2. We strongly recommend disabling "Enable web installation and automatic upgrade of Pulse Secure clients" from the PCS server (Maintenance -> System -> Options) for these corresponding Pulse Desktop Clients.
3. The cert issue is only impacting PCS, however, the PDC version is also bundled with the PCS build.  You don't need to upgrade PDC to resolve this, which is why we have the recommendation to disable this setting.  If your desired outcome is to have the client fully update upon check-in to the latest version you can leave this setting enabled.   ____________________________________________________
Doesn´t Point 1 contradict to point 3?

Like I understand it:
=> Point 1 says: you should not use the Pulse Desktop Client from the Update
=> Point 3 says: if you want to upgrade the PDC you can enable autoupgrade => the PDC is shipped from the PSA

PDC - Version after upgrade in the components:
PDC - Version we ran before the upgrade/problem:
Regards Norsen
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