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LDAP auth server

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LDAP auth server

Hi all,

very strange issue here :

while creating new ldap auth server and entering the ldap ip address and port ( 389 or 636) when clicking test connection a message of 'ldap server unreachable...connection timeout' pops up,

there are no drops on the firewall, traffic is permitted between the IVE and ldap - over SITE2SITE IPSEC VPN

IVE VER - 7.0r4

any ideas why ?

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Re: LDAP auth server

You can use network monitor (sniffer) on windows server to capture the packets and see what reaches the server.

maybe your fw logging is deactivated on some rules?

Maybe be LDAP Server IP misconfigured on IVE?

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Re: LDAP auth server

Capture a TCP dump when you do a test config whcih should help you to find the root cause. Check for RST packet and the source should be the culprit.