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Latest software for MAG2600?

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Latest software for MAG2600?

I've got a brand new MAG2600 that I'm working on configuring for the first time. No SA experience to this point.

The MAG support page takes me to Junos 11.1 as the latest release for the MAG platform, but it only indicates the CM060, not the MAG2600/4600, and the 11.1 release notes say nothing about the MAG platform.

It would seem I should learn one platform (11.1) rather than two (7.1 -> 11.1).

Will 11.1 go on the MAG2600? Should I go that route or just stick with 7.1?



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Re: Latest software for MAG2600?

Hi Bryan,

You should use 7.1 for your MAG2600. The JUNOS 11.1 software is only for the CMC060 as you stated.

The CMC060 is a management card that goes into the larger chassis multi-bay models such as the MAG66XX.



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Re: Latest software for MAG2600?

ML is 100% correct. Juniper does a poor job of differentiating between management software for the MAG units and the SSL-VPN / UAC software that runs on the various MAG units.

You will ALWAYS use the SA software for the functionality of the box. You only use MAG software if you have a box that has management functions associated with it. Why Juniper does not make that clear - I don't know.

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Re: Latest software for MAG2600?

Noted - we'll work on improving it



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