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Licensing for FailOver Cluster


Licensing for FailOver Cluster

Hi all, we now currently have one SA2000 to handle all the work for SSL VPN and citrix delivery, we've been using this setup for almost 5 years now and we are starting to get a little worried that SA might fail someday.

We are planning to use a SA that we have here to use it as failover in a cluster config, i was wondering if we will need to invest $12k in licenses, or if we are using it as a cluster, we can use the same licenses, or there is a special license for clustered enviroments?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Licensing for FailOver Cluster

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Re: Licensing for FailOver Cluster

Yes, according to the new licensing architecture, we do have specialized cluster license.

I would suggest you to please contact your Juniper sales team for more detail on this.


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Re: Licensing for FailOver Cluster


In the old licensing model you need to have a (cheaper) cluster license with the same Usercount on the cluster member. Since 7.0 you can share the license over the cluster member. That means you have two 500 User licenses one for each CL Member. That make a 1000 User Cluster. If one member fails u have 5 days to replace it. The remaining member can use the license for 5 days.

May Juniper allows you to split your old license... but I don't believe. I know a document where is described that this is not possible.