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Licensing for VMware PSA

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Licensing for VMware PSA

I am working on migrating our VPN setup from our MAG2600 to a VMware PulseSecure Appliance. I have purchased new licensing w/ 3 years support which comes with a PSVA 3000 licenses and a 50 concurrent license.


After installing the VMware PSA, I am getting :


Only EVAL licenses are allowed for manual installation in VA-SPE|PSA-V.


when trying to apply the license manually. I have also tried installing a 2nd PSA as a license server but I have not found any great instructions on this setup. Once I get the License server VM running, I try to apply the licenses and get a similar message. I am at a loss on how to continue. Our old MAG2600 allowed us to apply the licenses directly in the interface of the appliance. I would prefer to not deploy a seperate license server as we only have one Appliance being used for VPN services.


Any advice?


Re: Licensing for VMware PSA

Yes, that is correct. You need to have either a physical license server to lease licenses from or allow leasing from You should be able to do the latter by entering the authorization code at System>Configuration>Licensing>Download Licenses.
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Re: Licensing for VMware PSA

Thanks, that was simple actually. was able to download by 50 concurrent licenses and the PSA license as well.