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Long log for SSO- basic auth - 6.5

Occasional Contributor

Long log for SSO- basic auth - 6.5


I have an OWA 2007 policy over 6.5 version.

I have a SSO - basic authentication policy and it works fine but when I checkthe  USER LOGS tab, there are a lot of entries for this authentication. For 6.3 the logs were ok.

I dont understand why I see the same entry around 7 or 8 times...... I would like to know if this is normal for the version 6.5 (and 6.4 I believe), if this is just because OWA.....

Web SSO: Authentication successful. Credential Used: UserUID: useruidd8a8ebecb2f65decc957bce4ca936ecef00644c5, Username: ------------, BasicHash: XXXXXX, Auth Type: (2) BasicAuth, Cred Type: (1) Variable Credential, Target: ---------, Password: XXXXXX, Policy Auth: (2) BasicAuth, Cred Label: basic_auth,