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Lync / EWS using SSL VPN Activesync portal

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Lync / EWS using SSL VPN Activesync portal

Hi Guys,

We're busy implementing a Lync 2010 server where several users are working from an external location (without VPN).

Also some of the users use the iPhone app.

When opening the 'Meeting' tab in the iPhone app or the 'Conversations' tab in the Windows client an Exchange error is thrown on those clients. We found out that these tab's use the 'EWS' feature of Outlook Web Access (cq Exchange Server).

This is where the SA2500 comes in....all ActiveSync traffic (towards Outlook Web Access) is send via this box using a Authorisation only URL. And above error only exists when the tick box "Allow ActiveSync Traffic Only" is on!

So Lync traffic seems to be different ??

The SA cannot 'understand' this sort of traffic ?

Any suggestions ?

Simple turning the box off opens up the whole server, so doesn't seem to be an option ?

Hopefuly somebody can help!


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Re: Lync / EWS using SSL VPN Activesync portal

You are correct, it will not work. Part of the verification is URL-based; are you seeing the Microsoft-Active-Sync string with Lync?

Without the option checked, it doesn't open up all access; it opens access to the sever, though, yes. What you can do is for the role you use for Lync is create an ACL that allows */Lync-server-URL-path*

You can track what is needed through the user access log.