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MAC RDP JavaApplet use

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MAC RDP JavaApplet use

I'm just gonig to through this out there and see what comments or suggestion I can get.

I started off by using ProperJava and it worked well for a while until people started remoting into Vista computers.

Didn't work at all. Then our users started having problems with the tab key not working.

So I then moved to JavaRDPv14. Works great!. No Tab key problem, but still doesn't support Vista.

Now I'm having problems with two users getting socket closed errors and then disconnects after 10 mintues.

I wouldn't mind going back to ProperJava if it supported Vista or the Tab function worked. Anyone have any suggestions to get these working?

JavaRDP is great, but need support for Vista and I'm not sure how to trouble shoot the socket closed error.

I'm I missing something obvious?

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Re: MAC RDP JavaApplet use

I did some google searching and noticed that a lot of other people were also running into the same issue on various Java RDP clients.

This post seems interesting however, although it doesn't seem to be a complete fix: