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MAC address in HC policy rule

New Contributor

MAC address in HC policy rule

Hi there,

Let me make sure the behavior of HC policy that rule type is MAC address.

My PC(Windows Xp Sp3) has two interfaces,wired Ethernet and wireless.

wired MAC Address 00:0C:29:AA:AA:AA
wireless MAC Address 00:0C:29:BB:BB:BB

Only wireless interface of MAC address is specified in Host Checker rule(rule type is MAC Address) as a required address.

<HostChecker setting>
Required MAC Address 00:0C:29:BB:BB:BB

In my Lab, above HC policy rule seems to allow my PC to access to SA running HC policy
when my PC accesses to the SA with using wired interface of MAC address(00:0C:29:AA:AA:AA) which is not registered in HC rule on the SA.

So,please clarify following.

HC policy rule is designed to allow a client PC to pass the policy
only if a specified MAC address in HC rule matches one of MAC addresses client PC has.

Is it correct ?


Occasional Contributor

Re: MAC address in HC policy rule

Yes. thats correct. HC policy will be allowed only if the Mac address matches.

New Contributor

Re: MAC address in HC policy rule

Many Thanks!