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         I inherited a new MAG 6611 from a sister company after a merger and the device is not yet configured, its a box piece and now the management wants to configure and use it.


Can any one help me on this ?? Any kind of documentation to set it up ? 


Step by step instructions 





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Re: MAG 6611 SETUP

You can refer to the hardware guide at:


Re: MAG 6611 SETUP

In addition to various docs that are available on the documents section of the website, Pulse Secure also offers a remote installation service which is targeted towards helping customers meet their business requirements through a remote session during which experts can advise and assist you with all the details for your initial deployment. If you are intrested here is a starting point


Re: MAG 6611 SETUP

I would highly recommend the RIS as suggested by @ruc if you are not familiar with the product.
Another avenue of documentation/how-to is looking through and the guides at
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Re: MAG 6611 SETUP

Welcome to Pulse Secure remote access via the Connect Secure option.  That is the terminology you will see for this basic feature.  I would recommend the following basic steps.


1-Get up to date.  Register and link an account to your contract on the support site and upgrade to the current version on the appliance.  This might take a support ticket to get older versions of the code depending on where your appliance currently is.  Note there are specific version support for upgrades when back multiple versions as seen in the release notes.


2-Decide on dual DMZ or single DMZ design.  Most go with a single ethernet interface in the DMZ.  This will both terminate the outside session and generate the internal network session from the same port.  There is also an option to use two ports on the device where one is in your external DMZ for the inbound connection and the inside port is used for reaching the resources.  Once you pick the single or dual interfaces you can assign the necessary ip addresses and design your needed firewall port forwarding and internal access rules.  


You also need to choose if the appliance will provide a pool of ip addresses for the client connections or if you will use dhcp forwarding to your internal dhcp server.


Also note if you need internal DNS for connected clients and be ready for those inputs and selections to override the connecting client DNS servers.


Now you can configure the interfaces and connect to the network for basic setups.  And setup firewall rules.


3-Setup remote access:  You will need to configure authentication to your internal AD or use local auth on the applicance.


Once auth is setup, you then have to have resources and group mappings that can use the resources.  This can get complicated as it is very flexible in restrictions.  The admin guide has all the gory details.  Read the first two chapters to get the overview of all the options.  For simple layer3 connection setups go right to chapter 30 - VPN Tunneling.


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