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MAG Admin Account

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MAG Admin Account

Hi guys, got a customer that bought a MAG series device from us and has gone and lost the admin password to manage to device, Does anyone know a way to recover this at all?

They can still use all the VPN details etc but cant get management at all.

Thanks in advance.


Frequent Contributor

Re: MAG Admin Account

Hi Chris,


     Are they want to recover Mag-SA admin password? If yes, we can recover it via console access as below



Please choose from among the following options:
   1. Network Settings and Tools
   2. Create admin username and password
   3. Display log/status
   4. System Operations
   5. Toggle password protection for the console (Off)
   6. Create a Super Admin session.
   7. System Maintenance
   8. Reset allowed encryption strength for SSL


Choose option  6, this will get you super admin access to Web UI; and then we can change the admin password.





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Re: MAG Admin Account

It is not possible to recover the username & password. You can create the super admin session to login and change the password. From the console you can also create a new admin and login that way.