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MAG-SM160 Licensing Limitation

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MAG-SM160 Licensing Limitation

Hi There, currently we have 2 no of MAG-SM160 in cluster mode, each one is having 500 user license so together we are getting 1000 user license. Now our requirement in to increase its capacity by another 1000,  so all together 2000. Is it possible with SM160 module? I mean can SM160 support 1000 license each,so in cluster can they give benifit of 2000 user license?


Socond query is, as we have already 2 SM-160 in cluster, can we bring another 1 or 2 module in that same cluster, if that is possible then is it necessary to use only SM160 module or we can go for any higher end module with more license capacity?




Raju Saha



Re: MAG-SM160 Licensing Limitation

Hi Raju,


This is not possible as the limit of SM160 is 1K for both A/P and A/A.  Have you considered migrating to a newer PSA appliance?  There are many reasons such as scale and new features - version 9.0R1 has just been released and is not available on SM160.


Regards, Ashur

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