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MAG User Interface

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MAG User Interface


One of my customer wants to buy an ssl vpn appliance.
Because SA appliance will be replace by MAG appliance I want to know if any of you can tell me if the UI of MAG is the same than SA.

Because I've seen some screenshots the shows J-web interface on MAG device and I don't want to deal with that Interface.


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Re: MAG User Interface

The MAG devices/blades run the SA software which has the usual GUI format. The J-Web GUI you saw is probably for the optional management module MAG-CM060 which runs Junos - see - and can be installed in a MAG6610 or MAG6611 chassis slot.

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Re: MAG User Interface

if you look at an SA4500 interface its identical to the MAG4600, they are the same OS so they look the same, the only difference is you now can see fan rpm and temp
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Re: MAG User Interface

The UI is identical.

If you use the MAG2600, you may see the IC interface until you switch personality (but that is a quick activity).