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MAG2600 version upgrade

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MAG2600 version upgrade


I'm running a MAG2600 with 7.1R1 (build 17675).

What would be the most reccomended version to upgrade to ?

Is it the 7.3 or the latest release of the 7.4 ?

Also, are there any special stuff to take notice to when upgrading besides making backups of configuration and such ?

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Re: MAG2600 version upgrade

A couple of things I found planning/testing for an upgrade from 7.1 to 7.4 are:

1. If you use custom sign-in pages and have users using iPads there are now separate pages for iPads you also need to customize

2. In the management portal on a role you will see a new option "Junos Pulse" and the "Network Connect" and "IKEv2"  access features are now combined into "VPN Tunneling". It's not obvious in the portal how you use these settings to pick whether to use Network Connect or Pulse but it is explained in the admin guide and the upgrade does set the required settings for existing roles. Doesn't impact the functionality but is worth spending a little time familiarizing yourself with the new settings.

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Re: MAG2600 version upgrade

If your users are non-admins, then make sure the Juniper Installer Service has been installed as an admin on the machines; otherwise, you are good to go.

Upgrade to 7.4R5.