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MAG6611 limitation

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MAG6611 limitation

Hi There,

Can anyone clarify what are the limitation of the Juniper MAG6611 with SM360 modules?

We have a 4 modules active/active cluster, and we have problems with file downloading and video streaming over the gateway. We were told that there is a file limit that applies on the particular REALM and it is 2 GB among the concurrent logged in users.

But what about video streaming? Is it supported? Is there a limititation?

Is the 2 GB limitation valid for every traffic generated by the concurrent logged in users in the particular REALM is it valid only for downloaded file size limit?



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Re: MAG6611 limitation

If you are using file browsing, yes, there is a 2GB concurrent download limit shared by all users on the system. If you need to be downloading/uploading more than that, SAM or VPN tunneling is recommended.

Are you streaming through web bookmarks, SAM, or VPN tunnel? Web rewrite-based streaming generally won't work as that typically does not work as it wants to create a direct socket connection; HTML5 may work and would be something you need a ticket with our support team to address to confirm if it is a limitation or not. Can you provide more info on what type of video streaming you are using?
The CIE (rewriter) guide can give more info on this: