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Mac Lion Keyboard stops working...

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Mac Lion Keyboard stops working...

Hi, I recently upgraded our Test server to 7.1r4 to to see how the MacLion support worked and so far I've a received positive feedback... I have two users (and I have duplicated this myself) running ProperJavaRDP that loose their keyboard if they open other applications while logged into an RDP session. I have only been able to duplicate the problem when I have an external monitor connected to my MBP. One of the other users has confirmed they use an external Monitor of a MacBook. Not sure about the other one yet...

Not sure if it's the version of ProperJava or what... I was able to just close the java windows and restart the session and all was fine again. I still have mouse control, just no typing...

Could not replicate it using the HOB client, but I'm not going to pay the unrealistic price for that for a handful of Mac users...

Anyone else seen this problem?



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Re: Mac Lion Keyboard stops working...

I saw this problem a few times when testing properJavaRDP on OSX Snow Leapard and Lion.  I didn't have an external monitor at the time.

We decided to purchase HOB and haven't had any similar issues since.