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Mac OS AV checking

Occasional Contributor

Mac OS AV checking

Has anyone out there had good luck finding a free antivirus product that works well with host checker?

So far, only Sophos gets through the host checking and iAntiVirus, Avira, Avast I've had no luck with.  Any tips on how to support or what to recommend to users running Macs?

Also, are there any good options to ensure that Gatekeeper is running and actually doing some basic malware checks?  It would be nice to see this on the Antivius or Antispyware checks and remediate if needed.

Anyway, what do you use for your Macs and what do you recommend making sure your Macs are up to date and secure?


New Contributor

Re: Mac OS AV checking

An option to expand your AV and malware support for Mac devices would be to integrate GEARS from OPSWAT ( GEARS integrates seamlessly into Juniper Host Checker, and expands your security and compliance enforcement capabilities instantly. The additional categories include more AV’s, hard disk encryption, unwanted applications, and many more; as well as leverages Metascan technology, to add advanced threat detection.