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Mac OS X 10.7 RDP Disconnect Error

New Contributor

Mac OS X 10.7 RDP Disconnect Error

Hi, we are currently experiencing some crazy issues with our MAG 2600's and our Macintosh users. First the following error occures "The Terminal server has disconnected the session Reason: socket closed (EOF)", which comes up every 5 minutes and disconnects the current RDP session regardless of session preferences.

We are using mainly Mac OS X 10.7.2 w/ Safari v5.1.2 (Java SE 6 Update 29). Windows 7 and xp users do not receive this error. The Java RDP Applet launched is called "HOBLink JWT v3.3.0471". We are currently running the Juniper MAG 2600's OS Version: 7.1R4.1 (build 19525).

The other issue is our Macintosh users cannot create and properly use Terminal Session (RDP) Bookmarks. The following error immediately appears when using a TS RDP Bookmark, "This Terminal session is not supported on your computer". Windows 7 and XP users can create and launch Terminal Session (RDP) Bookmarks without any issues.

Has anyone experienced the following errors/issues when using a Macintosh? Any recommendation is appreciated.

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Re: Mac OS X 10.7 RDP Disconnect Error

I can't be of any help, but I have a very similar issue.

I have clients with Mac OS X 10.7.1 w/ Safari v5.1.2 (Java SE 6 Update 26). We are using SA's @ 7.1R4 and the users get disconnected every 5 minutes as well.

The error we are getting is "The Windows based computer has lost the connection", however I was able to maintain the same connection RDP'ed to the same windows machine from a Windows 7 host through the same SA.

I have not yet found any solutions.

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Re: Mac OS X 10.7 RDP Disconnect Error

Juniper does not have a RDP client for OSX that is why your users are getting the terminal sessions are not supported error. The first error messgae looks like is from Java based RDP and those can be only setup by admins. Is this an RDP server that you have shared with the users by creating a resource?

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Re: Mac OS X 10.7 RDP Disconnect Error

Did this start recently (the Java error)? Are you using a terminal server farm or connecting to a single location?
When you test on Windows machines, are you using the HOB applet (special config needed) OR the ActiveX control (default for Windows)? What is the backend OS you are connecting against? If you are using 2008, do you have a 2003 server you can test with as well?


When users create bookmarks, there is no option to specify the Java applet, which is needed for non-Windows machines to function (as MrKool stated). If you would like to have this investigated for inclusion in a future version, please work with your account team for an enhancement request.