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Machine Certificate Validation Failure (20)

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Machine Certificate Validation Failure (20)

Hi All,

Im hoping someone can help me out with this error messsage.

When using Host Check with a machine cert policy im getting this error even though when I look at the certs they appear to be fine.

Does anyone know what error (20) is ?

I cant find any trace of these error codes in the pulse documentation and i think it might at least point me in the right direction as to why the box thinks the cert isnt valid.

Many Thanks All



Re: Machine Certificate Validation Failure (20)

@shaunp if you have valid machine certificate signed by CA which is trused by VPN (configuration >> Certificates >> Trusted client CA), and still failing the host check? Please open a support ticket with us.

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Re: Machine Certificate Validation Failure (20)

That is an openSSL error code that indicates that the certificate cannot be validated. can you confirm that the chain is valid on both the appliance, including any/all intermediate certificates, and on the endpoint/client?
is the certificate in the machine store?