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Machine Certificate

New Contributor

Machine Certificate

Hi folks,

We have created Machine certs using Active Directory Certificate Services and have set our client devices to auto enroll.
When I check a device, they have a client cert in Machine -> Personal

How do I configure the Pulse VPN to see this cert using Pulse Desktop Client. I have create a package that allows machine or user. I have ticked the box that says look in the machine store.

Under Certificate -> Trusted Client Certificate I have imported the AD server cert e.g. domain-name.domain

When the client tries to connect I get "invalid or can't find cert"

Is there anything I'm missing?

Re: Machine Certificate

What happens if you use just a machine auth profile?
Are there intermediate certificates in your CA chain?
What is the message on the user access log?
New Contributor

Re: Machine Certificate


I just have the one domain certificate in "Trusted CAs". This came from Active Directory Certificate manager. I'll look an the intermediate ones.