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Machine reboots after login to IVE

New Contributor

Machine reboots after login to IVE

Hello Experts,

We have been facing quite weird problem from last few days. After successfully loggin to IVE and when the WSAM loads, we are receieving a error (error message pasted below) and clicking on OK, it reboots the system. This happens all the time when we login to the IVE.

We have a IVE SA 4000 with version 6.0 R3.1 (build 12507) and on this the host checker is configured to check for AV. On the machine we use IE 6.0 and Win XP SP3.

Let me know how this can be fixed.


The system configuration has been changed. You need to reboot your computer to reload Windows Secure Application Manager driver. Close all applications to avoid loss of data and click OK to reboot your computer.





Frequent Contributor

Re: Machine reboots after login to IVE

It sounds similar to a bug that was fixed in 6.0R5:

26. CS WSAM - Fixed a WSAM issue where WSAM forces a reboot every time it is launched in Vista. (52538)

Has there been any upgrades of the W-SAM components on that client PC? The reboot is required after an upgrade and it sounds like something is corrupted - does uninstalling all W-SAM components and re-installing not fix it?