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Mainframe Dinosaur needs some help

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Mainframe Dinosaur needs some help

Hi Folks,

Not sure I'm posting in the right place and this may be ridiculously vague and the terminology is probably all wrong, goes.

I work on IBM Mainframes and am lucky enough to be allowed to work from home 99% of the time. I connect to my companies remote network using Fibrelink 360 (Extend 360?). When I start the app, it loads some Juniper applications one of which is Host Checker.

It seems to work fine. I can access files on servers in US, I connect to Lotus Notes/Sametime and all the other communication apps that I need.

So far, so good.

Recently, I have been working with a customer (a large European banking group) and am often required to login to their mainframe remotely. To achieve this, I first login to their portal(?). At this point, Windows brings up a bar saying the application wants to run some active x software.

'This website wants to run the following add-on: JuniperSetupClientATL Active X Control Module from Juniper Software'

Here's where it gets a little weird. Whether I allow the active x or not, a secure application fires up (after a small delay) and I get connected to the network. I then logon to their Mainframe and start working.

After approx 5 minutes - I receive a Windows Secure Application Manager disconnect - Error code IDD_TIMEOUT and BOTH links drop out. (IE My link to my employers network AND my link to the customers mainframe).

If I use just ONE link, I can stay online all day. So I can stay online to my employers network all day OR I can stay online to the customer all day but it appears that I can't be online to both simultaneously.

Here's the basic question:

Does that mean I have to logoff from my employers network if I want to logon to the customer?


Is there some config I can change to allow me to be connected to both networks simultaneously?

The problem is, because I work from home, if I drop out of my employers network, it appears that I'm not online so no-one can IM me. I can't receive emails etc.

Both sites appear to use the same software so I'm guessing that I'm trying to load 2 x Host Checkers etc. Is this possible or is it impossible?

Thanks for any/all ideas.

Rob Lister

ACI Worldwide(EMEA)

Frequent Contributor

Re: Mainframe Dinosaur needs some help

I'm guessing a bit here (not a product expert)...but my suspicion is that 2 different versions of the client are loading (if it were the same version I'm not even sure you'd be working at all...). So it's possibly a happy accident you got this far.


a possible workaround...


One or both of the SSL VPN devices you are connecting to might allow connection via an RDP client vs using Network Connect or WSAM (is there a menu you access to launch your session?) It will show usually as "Terminal Sessions" on the menu. You won't have true network connectivity but can get to an RDP host on either your work or your client network. Then on the other connection you should be able to connect as usual.




RDP into a host on your work network - then use that to connect to the client...


Someone who actually knows the product details will hopefully respond with a better answer.