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Mapped Network Drives after Network Password Update

Holly Osburn
Occasional Visitor

Mapped Network Drives after Network Password Update

I use Pulse Secure VPN to access a client network.  My network password  for the client is the same as my Pulse Secure VPN password.  After I am forced to update my network password, I am no longer able to access my mapped network directories from my laptop, that has successfully connected via VPN.  This is as it should be I suppose, but when I try to connect to those mapped directories, I don't have an option to update the passwords for the connection other than to disconnect and then re-create the mapped drive.  


If I am not VPN'd in and I update my network password, my credentials for my mapped drives do not require re-mapping.  Probably, these are just dynamically called while I'm logged in to the network directly.


My question is how do I prompt my system to either update automatically or to at least give me the option to update the password for the mapped drives without having to delete and re-create all mappings?  Please tell me there is a way.  This is a huge pain in the butt.


Re: Mapped Network Drives after Network Password Update

i am not sure; i would expect that to be the experience based on windows behavior