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Mapping Drives Via Script and WSAM

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Mapping Drives Via Script and WSAM

ok so this is what i have been working on for the last week after reading a few posts regarding scripts and mapping drives.

i was able to take a simple script and when called from a bat file which simply consitsts of "start mapdrives.vbs" using SAM options for session start script, i was able to successfuly map 4 network drives.

here is where my problem lies;

i can do this on a Windows 7 machine

cannot on windows XP

the .bat and the .vbs files both need to reside on the local pc.

goal: figure out a way to "on login" map to a public share which has a vbs script or bat file which will then execute and map drives based on group policy.

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Re: Mapping Drives Via Script and WSAM

ok so made a little progress, after enabling Netbios file browsing in my All User role, i was able to successfully map as many network drives as i wanted but of course this is not ideal for todays world which requires everything to be as automated as possible.

for now, heres what i've got going,

  1. login to ssl/vpn
  2. open my computer and click Tools, Map Network Drive
  3. Select Drive letter or leave as default, then enter the FQDN to the server followed by the share ie \\\Public
  4. click the Connect using a different name link and enter domainname\username then password
  5. Click Finish to map your drive

Luckily my server group had created scripts to automatically map and assign drive letters to drives that reside on our public drive so once i mapped the first one i clicked on the appropriate script and had 5 more drives mapped automatically.

we all know this solution will work for one or two users but not for everyone since the username has to be changed in the script for each user, so im now working on creating a link to a login script that the user can click IF they need to map drives instead of mapping every single user that logs on each time.