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Max speed through an ESP VPN connection

New Contributor

Max speed through an ESP VPN connection

What are some max speeds you see through your ESP VPN connections?


I'm finding 30-40Mbps with Symantec Endpoint Protection installed and 60-82Mbps with it uninstalled. Exclusions were added to Symantec for Pulse Secure Client but it made no difference. Should we be able to get higher than 82Mbps on a psa7000c with 10G connections?


Re: Max speed through an ESP VPN connection

No, we would not expect it to be more than that. I am not aware of any limitation specific to SEP; however, you can open a case with our support team to check if there is anything we can do to work around that.

Have you disabled the Juniper Networks Service/driver on all adapters? 

Does SEP have a network driver that you can remove from the Pulse adapter and test?

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Re: Max speed through an ESP VPN connection

We did get a case opened about this but we didnt see much progress as it was towards the end of the year.


I believe in most of the test cases, the users had the Juniper Network Driver unchecked from all the interfaces (Ethernet, Pulse Secure, Wifi)


Another test was taking our image without Symantec and putting it on a laptop but the speeds did not improve.


Most speed tests for downloads were 12-35~Mbps where their Internet connection could support much more (100Mbps+) I unfortunately live rurally and don't have the speeds to test myself.


Global Protect was tested along side this and they were seeing >100Mbps download speeds.


I think its possible to reach ~85Mbps with Pulse Secure if we determine the culprit thats limiting the bandwidth.


Regarding SEP driver I don't see anything enabled for this.

Here's what I see under Ethernet, Wifi and Pulse Secure interface:

(Enabled) Client for Microsoft Networks

(Enabled) File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

(Enabled) Npcap Packet Driver (NPCAP)

(Enabled) QoS Packet Scheduler

(disabled) Juniper Network Service

(Enabled) Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

(disabled) Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol

(Enabled) Microsoft LLDP Protocol Driver

(Enabled) Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

(Enabled) Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder

(Enabled) Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver