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McAfee Products with Host Checker Issue

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McAfee Products with Host Checker Issue

Trying to see if there is any universal fix as I have been noticing more and more users that call in with an issue that they are receiving "Your Computers Security is Not Satisfactory.  Host Checker Not Installed Properly" is running a McAfee based product.  I have tested with McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.8 and it seems to restrict the dsHostChecker.exe from doing a few functions via Application Blocking and Port Blocking.  Not sure if there is a good workaround that anyone can point me at.  Doesn't seem to be OS specific as users are seeing issues with Windows XP and 7.


Running 7.3R6.0 on 2 SM-160s in a MAG 6611 Chassis.


Re: McAfee Products with Host Checker Issue



we are running McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.8, too, and do not have any problems with it.

You can take a look in the logs on the ePo Server or the client to see whether VirusScan is blocking something or not.

In the ePo Server there is a VirusScan policy called "Unwanted Programs" with some pre-defined categories.

As far as I can remember, the Host Checkers does fall into the category "Remote Tools", which is enabled by default.
If this category is enabled for your VirusScan Clients, the HC could be blocked and you should see corresponding log entries on the ePo Server.


Mayby you should take a look there.