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Microsoft CRM 4 with web profile

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Microsoft CRM 4 with web profile


Has anybody else tried running Microsoft CRM 4 trough an SA with a web profile? We are doing it, and it works, but in some places it works very, very slow. When we open an account, most of the page loads fine, but the account details takes half a minute to show.

If we use network connect and open the same adress (http://crm-server:5555) then it works fine, and the speed is fine.

We are using a SA 2500 and 6.2R1



Re: Microsoft CRM 4 with web profile


I am aware of 2 cases where customer have experienced performance issues with Microsoft CRM. Both cases had the same method of resolution.

I will include it here for your information, however, I believe your case warrants further investigation by JTAC if you are able to do so.

In the previous cases it was established that the Microsoft CRM application has an active x component with lots of htc files. The IVE injects danaprelude code into these HTC files, the volume of this injection work is causing a performance degradation.

In previous cases the issues was resolved by add a selective rewrite policy with the action "Rewrite as Javascript" for the following resource:


(where <server> is the fully qualified domain name of the backend web server)

Please let me know if this was helpful or if you have any further questions.

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Re: Microsoft CRM 4 with web profile


I am found this post and it was very helpfull - it is much faster than before. Thank you.

But I am found another issue after this rewriting change. When you go to "Services" -> Open service -> choose Activities -> make new one -> fill something to subject, etc and "Save" -> go to "Notes" and there is missing "Click here to enter a new note..." option. Is here any solution to solving it?

My other problem with this Notes is that is not possible add new note - I always get error message "Invalid Operation" - this happen before changing rewriting too.