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Microsoft DHCP failover compatiblity

New Member

Microsoft DHCP failover compatiblity



I am looking a way to use the DHCP failover redondancy feature with Pulse Secure.

The Microsoft DHCP failover allows to improve the reliability on an IP network (L3) without VIP (L2).


PulseSecurity DHCP client doesn't increase the time elapsed value field of the DHCP header according to the RFC2131. If for any reason one of the two DHCP servers is not joignable then no lease will be delivered by the remaining available server.


Has anyone managed to get around the Microsoft DHCP incompatibility?

Thank you



Re: Microsoft DHCP failover compatiblity

That does not sound like a feature we have implemented; if that is something you need, I would recommend working with your account team for an enhancement request.
In the meantime, manually changing the DHCP server as-needed on the VPN Tunneling profile is the way to change.