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Missing Monitoring Statistics

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Missing Monitoring Statistics

Hello Everyone,

Recently upgraded IVE OS from 6.3R3 to 6.5R2. The upgrade went flawlessly. Went it came time to do my end-of-month metrics, I seem to be missing 6 1/2 days worth of Statistics under System > Log/Monitoring > Statistics. The data from the day of the upgrade and the previous 6 days back were missing. All the other days of the month were OK.

Is this by design? I don't seem to recall this ever happening when we did the previous upgrade. Nothing to cry home about but may need to add a step to our procedure so we can anticipate this during our next upgrade.

Has anyone else come across this?


Super Contributor

Re: Missing Monitoring Statistics

I've been using the SA product since it was the Neoteris IVE on release 3.1.

The behavior you are mentioning has occurred with every upgrade I have done. At least in 6.5r2, and I think earlier, the counts you are missing are written to the event log during the upgrade process.